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Sep 6, 2012 1:30pm PDT
kim, and i will be chairing today's meeting. i apologize for the late start because i know we have many members. public that are ready to present to the rules committee. i am joined by vice chair supervisor farrell and supervisor david campos. our clerk is linda wong. we would like to acknowledge the staff at sfg-tv who records each of the meetings and makes the transcripts available on line. we would like to recognize jesse. are there any announcements? >> linda wong: please make sure all electronic devices and copies of any documents to be included as part of the file shall be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the september 1 board of supervisors agenda unless others with stated. item 1, repointing malia joint powers board. >> chair kim: this is a roiment to supervisor malia cohen. is there any comments from colleagues? seeing none, we will open it up for public comment. if you'd like to speak on this item, please come up. >> i just want to say i want to see -- ♪ i want to see her in your morning, i want to see her in your board of supervisors night
Sep 22, 2012 3:30pm PDT
approving the the mayor's appointment, make a motion -- do them separately or together? >> chair kim: do them together, just a motion to amend -- >> supervisor farrell: amend 2, 3 and 4 to approve the mayor's selection of ms. caen, ms. vietor and mr. courtney. >> chair kim: we have a motion to approve and strike rejecting from 2, 3, and 4, and without opposition. supervisor campos has made a motion to move forward all three with recommendation. also, i had stated that i would entertain a motion to refer this item to the full board as a committee report so it can be considered next tuesday, september 25. do we have a motion to move this forward as a committee report? i do want to thank our three commissioners who are currently serving, and will continue to serve, as we guide our new puc director, which i am personally very excited about, mr. harlan kelly. i think it makes sense to have that continuity. sometimes it makes sense to have new blood and sometimes it makes sense to have that continuity. i think with new leadership -- also as we embark as a complicated but innovative program in
Sep 20, 2012 3:00pm PDT
government should work. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. supervisor farrell. >> supervisor farrell: thank you, chair kim. i've been relatively silent during these items, really just because i'm really thankful for the commissioners for being willing to serve again. ms. caen, ms. vietor, mr. courtney, i really had no questions of them, other than what was being asked. your service has been incredible to the puc. i think even more broadly, all three of you to the city of san francisco in so many fashions. i really want to thank you for your service. i'm more than happy and delighted that you're willing to serve again, and that i will be happy to support it. and also to the comments supervisor campos made, i think especially because the laborers are to the puc, it's so important that we have labor being represented here, couldn't support them more fully. vince, you are a great representative of your union. you should be proud of what you do. thank you for your willingness to come back. i will make a motion to amend supervisor campos' motion to do this, we're going to make a motion to amend i
Sep 29, 2012 10:30pm PDT
to amend? on supervisor kim's motion to amend, roll call, can we do that without objection, colleagues, roll call vote. >> supervised sore chu. >> no. supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> no. >> supervisor farrell? >> no. >> mar, no. supervisor a lag gi, aye, supervisor wiener? >> wiener, no. supervisor avalos, aye, supervisor campos, aye, president chiu, aye. >> i think supervisor kim, you have another amendment. >> city attorney. >> to the -- i'm sorry. >> john, deputy still attorney, i want to confirm what that amendment would say, so it's c-1 shall be a resident of district 6, c-2 shall be a resident of district 10, they should be of a city of no specific district, was that your intent? >> i'm okay with that but it was specific that i would like them to represent the area plan. it wasn't specific that they had to live in the area plan but they represent the two out of the three area plans. >> not necessarily. >> supervisor elsbernd? >> how will it work, if they own property is there not a financial conflict of interest on voting on any of those issues? >> mr. gib ne
Sep 8, 2012 7:00am PDT
>> chair kim: this is a roiment to supervisor malia cohen. is there any comments from colleagues? seeing none, we will open it up for public comment. if you'd like to speak on this item, please come up. >> i just want to say i want to see -- ♪ i want to see her in your morning, i want to see her in your board of supervisors night ♪ ♪ let her change what city's rong and make it right. ♪ let her wander through the city's wonderland that we all share. ♪ all i ask you is let her be there. ♪ all i ask you is let malia cohen be there, now. >> chair kim: thank you. is there any other public comment on this item? seeing none, public comment is now closed. colleagues, do we have a motion on this item? >> motion to send malia -- ms. cohen forward with full recommendation to the full board. >> chair kim: we do have a motion to move this forward, and we can do that without opposition. madam clerk, could you please call item 2. >> linda wong: item 2 motion to approve -- the president of the board of supervisors, supervisor david chiu's nomination to -- to board of supervisors endi
Sep 8, 2012 8:30am PDT
wanted. >> chair kim: thank you. we have kaushik roy and then kim schoen. >> good afternoon. my name is kaushik roy. it has been my privilege to be the executive director at the shanti project which is one of the city's oldest nonprofit supporting people with hiv aids and cancer. it's with great enthusiasm that i respectfully request you to consider my appointment for the task force. in many ways, the task force is both a refletio reflection and n on the work i have been doing. 2400 clients we serve each year are now lgbt seniors and we expect it to continue to grow. at the heart of the shanti model and at the heart of the san francisco model of care there lies a holistic lens through which we see the people we support. it's not enough to just take care of one or even just some of the aspects of an individual's life. because we are all so much greater than just any one facet. and this particular lens is going to be imperative for the task force's success. when i was thinking about what i might want to say i was reminded of a dinner i had earlier this summer with a shabti support
Sep 16, 2012 12:30am PDT
. >> chair kim: thank you. next, we have frank strona and helene wenzel. frank is not here, then helene wenzel and james illig. >> i am awed by your work on my behalf. i'm a solo practitioner. i do estate planning in elder law for 15 years in the greater bay area. i worked with horizons, new leaf and other organizations, relevant to our community, to bring vital information to the lgbt aging community as well as the lgbt younger community. my clients have been singles, couples, rdts, partners, married same-sex, couples from generation x to folks in their 90's, i also did lgbt work little did i know i would be doing elder lgbt work very quickly. i've addressed many different organizations, churches, community groups, and shared what i know about aging, and about the law, about advanced healthcare directives. i've done them for groups where i've brought my notary book and handed things out for free, quote unquote. i'd like to share more of that with the greater san francisco community in any way that i can. mr. redman mentioned the need for educating, and we also need education and avail
Sep 20, 2012 2:30pm PDT
kim: thank you. hopefully your union will be helpful on getting the word out in our communities because i know many of your members live in san francisco which i very much appreciate. thank you. i don't see any other questions from committee members. at this time we will open it up for public comment items 2, 3, and 4. iei have speaker cards, espanola jackson, al jen son, winerub, ana al frer alvarez. if you would like to speak for one, two, or three individuals, feel free to do that. >> espanola jackson, and my card says 2, 3, and 4. if you look at it. you know, in your question that commissioners, one of the things that i didn't hear brought up was about solar, because puc was the first agency -- and i think i was its first customer, to make sure that i got solar on my home. i think that not only them working with you, but you have other city departments that they should be working with. you make sure that they work with. because other commissioners, they're doing their thing. but everyone should be working together, especially city planning and department of public works. bec
Sep 16, 2012 3:30am PDT
and indeed they have been before you for 15 years. but as the supervisor avalos and supervisor kim said last week during the committee meeting, there is a request for tida to present on the most recent media account of the navy remediation. so for that today, we have amy brownwell from the san francisco department of public health who will speak to the regulatory process associated with remediation, and then bob burns, who is tida independent expert on radiology with over 15 years of experience. >> may i ask a question to director sykes. >> president chiu: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: before we move on to the radiological issues which there are a lot of questions concerning i wanted to put to rest some of the issues around the cooperative agreement. so some of the concerns that have come up -- now that tida's no longer a legally separate entity, i think there are some questions that have come up around some of the aging infrastructure. and i was hoping that maybe you could touch a little bit about what the discussions are currently today around the aging infrastructure, what discussion
Sep 20, 2012 9:00pm PDT
moving the way that we're moving without all three of them. so thank you. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. kelly. >> good afternoon, supervisors. phil ginsberg, general manager of the park and rec department. the fact that he has so many people here, both from labor and management, from public power, and public parks, from the south side of the city and the north side of the city is a testament to who he is. he is someone who is able to really bring people together, and he is an incredibly giving public servant. i've had the pleasure of knowing him for well over 10 years in a variety of capacities and now i consider him -- and local 261, the closest of partners at the recreation and parks. vince is a fierce advocate for what is right, he's a fierce advocate for social justice, but he's also able to keep his eye on really the big picture. and vince is someone who is focused on accountability. he's focused on making sure that government delivers the services that we promise the public. and i very much respect him about that. and he brings that to every issue that we have at the recreation a
Sep 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
very much for your time. >> chair kim: thank you so much, ms. wenzel. next we have james illig and then jazzie collins. >> good afternoon. my name is jim illig and i am a lgbt senior, resident of district 9. i've worked with lgbt seniors my entire professional career in san francisco starting with the medical center, continuum hiv surfaces and project open hand but more importantly from your perspective is you're looking for people with experience with community planning bodies, policy bodies, dealing with the public, arriving at consensus. i just completed eight years on the health commission, including three years as its president, and a year as its vice president. before that i served on two planning bodies, created by this board of supervisors, the living wage task force that i chaired, and the nonprofit contract streamlining task force. both of those task forces were like this one proposed, time limited with the specifics -- recommendations and i'm looking forward to bringing you policy suggestions. one in particular that i mentioned at the last hearing, department of publ
Sep 9, 2012 12:30am PDT
thank you for your consideration. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. cuffey. next we have jorge rodriguez and kathleen hentges. >> i am jorge rodriguez here from district 9. i work there in the hiv clinic. i have been working with hiv community for the past 17 years. i have been very much involved among all the tasks that we do for our clients in getting political asylum for our clientele. i'm also part now of the gay lgbt aging committee sponsored by -- i was also appointed by the mayor to their hiv task force which i served for about three years. and the good thing about the program is that you are there and you see so many people that are still doing so well with the medication, as they do, they are still aging, and w see that thee are other factors that are affecting them like some people -- about isolation, aging, situation with housing mainly. and that's some of the things that i think i can bring up to the task force. thank you so much. >> chair kim: thank you so much, mr. rodriguez. kathleen hentges. then we have kaushik roy. >> i been a certified financial planner for the last fi
Sep 9, 2012 7:30pm PDT
much. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. headman. next we have emerald o'leary and felicia elizondo. >> good afternoon, supervisors. thank you very much for putting up this task force. i come to you not representing any organization, but associated with a few. i've been grateful beneficiary of healthy san francisco in the last nine months, and also services from open house, and emotional support from a predominantly african-american lesbian gay transgender church, city of -- ucc in downtown san francisco. so i have a background of many things, most of all i'm a senior lesbian, in desperate need of senior housing. and have a real appreciation without all the wonderful backgrounds of candidates here, of the things that can be done, and should be done. so i thank you very much for your task force, and i know it will do great things for us. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you, ms. o'leary. felicia elizondo, and frank strona. >> hi, and thank you for having me. my name is felicia elizondo. also known as felicia flames. i am a screaming -- and a diva. i am proud on what i have accomplished and have
Sep 20, 2012 1:30pm PDT
is >> chair kim: good afternoon. welcome to our regular rules committee for thursday, september 20. my name is jane kim. i am joined by vice chair supervisor farrell and supervisor campos and our clerk is linda wong. we would like to recognize the staff at sfgtv, and we want to acknowledge jesse and carolyn. i know there are a number of people here. thank you so much for being here. we will try to move through the agenda as quickly as we can. madam clerk, can you please call item 1. >> linda wong: item 1, hearing to consider appointing eight members, terms to be determined to the wage task force. there are eight seats and nine applicants. >> chair kim: thank you. i will call up the applicants in the order that you are listed on the agenda. because we have nine applicants and a number of agenda items, i am going to ask you to limit your comments to two minutes. i will be calling up ace wiseman and charlotte noss. come up. ask you to speak about your work experience and skill set as relates to the position that you are applying to and maybe some of the areas you would like to priorit
Sep 6, 2012 3:30pm PDT
in san francisco. in it terms of recommendation -- >> chair kim: thank you. this is your time but i appreciate your application. thank you. next, we have michelle marx, and i believe -- hurst let her office know she will not be able to attend. after that we have nikos diaman. i'm not seeing mr. marx. nikos diaman and perry lange. >> i was born in san francisco. i was born in the haight, and i spent my early years in the mission, and i live in the castro, and i live in district two right now. i've been an activist for over 40 years, and do have my rÉsume. what i didn't include on there is that i'm a father, and a grandfather at this point, and i'm very proud of that. and i was excited about the task force because i feel that it's an issue that i feel very strongly about. i'm 75, and alive and active at this point. and hope to serve on this task force. do you have any questions? >> chair kim: no questions. but thank you so much, mr. diaman. we also received your e-mail with additional information for your application. so thank you for sending that to us. we have perry lange and then
Sep 9, 2012 1:00am PDT
propose has to be both fundable and sustainable. and i think we need expertise -- >> chair kim: i need to have you wrap up faster than that. >> thank you very much. >> chair kim: thank you. i was actually -- your center today, and as always am appreciative of the work you do no our community. >> thanks very much. >> chair kim: next, we have robert connors, and scott hate haitsuka, and then -- >> good afternoon appear i would like to say it's both an honor, pleasure and privilege to be here among such highly respected professional colleagues, scholars, activists and members of the lgbt community. we have all worked hard to get here. furthermore, i would like to thank the staff at open house, my professors at san francisco state university school of social work, and a former employee of newly outreach to elders whom without their knowledge, guidance and encouragement i would not be standing here before you. first, what i will bring to the lgbt senior task force is my long standing commitment and dedication to the lgbt community. arriving in san francisco in 1985 i witnessed the early ons
Sep 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
'll be glad to answer any questions. >> supervisor kim: i just want to say i'm hoping we can get an update at budget committee in the following months on ongoing negotiations both with the navy and our developer, seeing if we can share some of the cost repairing this infrastructure because we all depend on it, his whether it's the residents, the coast gard, or a future developer. i think this is something that is a shared issue to all of us and i'm hoping that we'll all pitch in to figure out a way to strengthen some of that infrastructure in place today. i wanted to point out in we do need to terminate the cooperative agreement we can do that with 30 days notice to the navy. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> thank you very much, president chiu. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: just to be clear on questions about liability, we have infrastructure that is not in the best shape on treasure island, and we need to make significant investments in order to keep that infrastructure most of all utilities, working and functional. and wha
Sep 9, 2012 8:00pm PDT
to establish new policies and programs. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. next we have michael smith and michelle alcedo. >> hello. thank you for the opportunity to speak and be considered for this position. i'm going to kind of speak -- and follow the e-mail i received yesterday. so, first, why would i want to be on this task force? well, in many, many respects, i could be one of the poster children for the people that the task force seeks to assist. i am a 55-year-old single white male, planning on retiring in five or six years, and beginning the next chapter of my life, which is the give-back chapter. i've been an attorney for over 25 years, and have developed advocacy skills. i get reviewed every year on my ability to influence decision-making, to consensus-build across interdisciplinary teams, and globally. and i am alone here. my entire family is back east. my job is in santa clara, so i have not had an opportunity -- gosh, i've already gotten the bell. so let's quickly -- just let me just make one more point. i do think that one of the biggest issues -- i know you're addressin
Sep 4, 2012 11:30am PDT
whoever is benefiting from this is losing on revenue. i am happy to continue that. supervisor kim: do you know what the site is known for? >> maybe that is a little dramatic, but my understanding is i do not know how you make a space be something. it is going to be a bar, i would like to be the one to shepherd it into the future. supervisor campos: i appreciate your sincerity. i think that does come through. but i am committed to respecting the history of this kind of institution, even before i go down this path, and as you have said, it is a business deal, but for the community is more than just a business deal, why not take the time to do that out reach before you go down the path? why not take the time to actually understand before you start talking about taking over this kind of establishment and find out what the concerns of the committee are. why not do that before the fact so you avoid the situation where you were actually three weeks tried to close the deal? >> sure. for starters, i have not done this before. i have not taken over a heritage site before. the answer to your
Sep 6, 2012 8:00pm PDT
the world around me as an asian pacific islander of japanese hawaiian descent. thank you. >> chair kim: stuart smith and ttommi mecca. >> thank you for this opportunity. you've gts all my information so i'm not going to bore you with that again. i appreciate your comments about bruce oka. i've worked with him for 12 years in the paratransit -- council. i believe that we have a great opportunity, based on my experience as a disabled man with liv to talk all these programs, all this immense outreach, and convert that into the services that our senior community needs. i've presented a possible idea to bevan dufty last month about cooling housing income, that seniors get in this city. i think that the shanti model could be used for peer support for our seniors. we have so many resources, i think that this committee has the opportunity to bring some of these resources together, implement them, and deliver great services to our senior lgbt citizens. i appreciate your time, and look forward to service. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. smith. we did get many letters of support on your b
Sep 9, 2012 1:30am PDT
. so let least to get this rolling. >> chair kim: thank you. i would like to support tommi mecca and jazzie collins. i've worked with both of you and i know your work very well, particularly ms. collins in district 6. ms. edellman who i don't know as well but was impressed by your application. i also love to throw mr. stuart smith on there, someone was also very active and has done a lot of outreach to garner support. and i do actually appreciate that level of enthusiasm in wanting to serve as well. so i will also add his name. also would like to add larry saxxon, someone who i don't know, but i've heard a lot about through other individuals, and was very impressed by your presentation today as well. i do want to give opportunity to other committee members, if -- we have 15 slots. >> i do -- will certainly be in agreement with that. michael costa is subpoena tha cd love to see on this committee. do you want to start with a motion? >> it would make sense to get to 15 and then make a motion but i certainly agree with all of the recommendations that were made. i think stu smith, ver
Sep 9, 2012 6:30pm PDT
on government and the local part of san francisco and what needs to be done. >> chair kim: thank you very much. have you attended a sunshine task force meeting before, prior to today? >> no. this is my very first one. >> chair kim: okay. just for clarification, today is the rules committee meeting. the sunshine task force is a committee of citizens that the rules committee gets to make a recommendation to, who do appoint, which then goes to the full board. but this is not a sunshine task force. >> right. yes. i was reading that, the sunshine ordinance task force is what you're looking for someone for. >> chair kim: yes. and i'm very appreciative to hear of your interest in serving. we have numerous commissions and task force. i was interested specifically -- i know that your interest in applying was in an interest to serve. but was there a specific interest around sunshine that yuyud like to pursue going forward? >> i've been interested in working with the public and being fair. and when i see things that someone needs to say something about, i'm usually a person who does. so that would be a g
Sep 3, 2012 8:00pm PDT
a peek at the stuff we have cut. to get our -- check out our blog. i will have supervisor kim: that afternoon, and welcome to our special rules committee for monday, july 16. i am the chair of the meeting. i am jane kim. i am joined by supervisor mar ferrell and supervisor campos. also joined by one of the co- sponsors of our first item, supervisor scott wiener. are there any announcements? >> please make sure to silence all cell phones and electronic devices. make documents included as part of the file. these will appear on the july 24 board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. supervisor kim: thank you. item number 1. >> charter amendment to amend the charter of thisqcity and county of san francisco by adding a section 16.110 to create a san francisco housing trust fund by setting aside general fund revenues beginning in fiscal year 2013-2014 and ending in fiscal year 2042-2043 to create, acquire, and ribble it affordable housing and promote affordable homeownership programs in the city. and lower and stabilize the backs of affordable housing regulatory imposition
Sep 4, 2012 12:30pm PDT
!] supervisor elsbernd: supervisor kim? supervisor kim: i appreciated you spell that out for us. did you give public notice to everyone within 500 feet of the building? >> yes, we did. supervisor kim: when was that done? >> i was not involved, but i spoke with the licensing rep. assured me posting had been done. -- she assured me the posting had been done. she had the affidavit of mailing. the only thing she was not lacking was the pcn determination. it was done sometime in 2011. supervisor kim: to get a better sense of the time line, you initiated the transfer in august of last year? >> if you like, i can go get it. there was quite a bit of consternation in the community and press. i believe louis april-may of 2011. sometime after that, there was the issue of keeping it closed too long and losing your non- conforming status. it was thought the owner would put -- find a liquor license, put it back on the premise sought least have a license intact on the premise and then work out a deal with alex and mike. that went on through the fall. that was still going on as late as april and may of this
Sep 6, 2012 4:00pm PDT
of the experience they bring. thank you so much. >> chair kim: thank you, ms. lange. is there any other public comment on this item? >> yes. i am peter warfield, executive director and cofounder of library users association. i am glad that you have a new task force, and are hearing the candidates. one of the unfortunate things that relates to a previous item that you had, but also here, is that the board of supervisors' clerk has redacted all of the contact information for the applicants, other than what seems to be clearly something to do with business phone numbers and e-mails. so not only has this been redacted, but for anybody who might want to get in touch with the folks who have concerns about lgbt issues, it's difficult to impossible. the redactions in your file do not show that there is any redaction. that's unlawful under sunshine. there's no indication that anything has been redacted from these records. and there's no indication, as required by law, as to what your justification is for these massive redactions. and these things prevent people from getting in touch with candidates, ge
Sep 15, 2012 6:30pm PDT
the district supervisor, supervisor kim, to make some opening comments. >> supervisor chuopening. >> supervisor kim: thank you. given the new concerns regarding tida no longer as a redevelopment agency and the city attorney's memo regarding potential increased liability on the city's general fund, we did bring this item to the board of supervisors without recommendation so that colleagues could take additional time to read through the items and to feel comfortable with supporting these items which we actually have been routinely bringing before the board over the last 15 years, i believe. we did also request hearing just because there has been new news potentially radiologically impacted sites on treasure island. of course there have been concerns amongst residents and we want the board to have opportunity to learn more about these reports and also ask any questions as necessary. so we have the director of the treasure island development authority here to present on both items before us and to answer any connective questions that we might have regarding the navy which is the party we are contra
Sep 15, 2012 7:00pm PDT
as it's available. like i said we got the letter from cdph today, which i... >> supervisor kim: i do want to give my colleagues an opportunity to ask questions because there are some. in your work experience, have you ever had suffers wipes collected, that have shown that the sites are safe, but then after further investigation, that you found that there was contamination on site that was hazardous to the health of workers and residents? >> okay. well, let's ask the resident question first. i've never been involved with a cleanup project where we've had material get off site, where it was any sort of -- of any concern to residents or were identified contamination off site. you have to recognize the difference between measurements and assessment you're making within the work sites which are geared toward the cleanup actions versus the types of measurement that cdph is doing which are geared toward assessing public health. so i mean can you find -- you know -- >> supervisor kim: why don't we -- when i meant workers i meant people work on the island, not workers involved in cleanup acti
Sep 6, 2012 6:30pm PDT
library. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you. >> good afternoon. my name's rita -- and i'm standing before you to use my first amendment rights to petition the government for redress. the board of supervisors' actions regarding existing sunshine ordinance task force has been called everything from absurd and arbitrary to petty and punitive. it's completely shut down. you're denying us the rights to open government. the inability of this committee not to recognize one member of the task force needed to be physically disabled is until now unacceptable and inexcusable. it's your job to know what the requirements are when you put forth appointees to these petitions. your attempt to replace members to the board your uninformed or green cronies or supporters, some documents that are required for consideration is beyond insulting. the removal of bruce wolfe who meets all of the requirements for the seat of the task force intended to satisfy perhaps, i don't know, the fragile egos of you who have been found in violation of the very charter that you've sworn to uphold to give you a task force that
Sep 9, 2012 12:00am PDT
's a disagreement, and i completely respect that. but i did want to provide my perspective. thank you. >> chair kim: thank you, supervisor wiener. we have a motion on the floor and i'd like to take roll call on that motion. >> linda wong: on the motion, supervisor farrell, no. supervisor campos, aye. supervisor kim, aye. >> linda wong: twoize, one no. >> chair kim: thank you. motion passes. madam clerk, can you please call item 4. >> linda wong: hearing to consider appointing 15 members in -- terms to the lgbt seniors task force. there are 15 seats and 44 applicants. >> chair kim: thank you. and ms. wong, could you list the members that have e-mailed either the clerk or our office that have withdrawn their application. i've got at least two e-mails. i'm not sure if there are more. >> linda wong: yes. we received two from applicants wishing to withdraw and they are cynthia davis and richard appl appleby. >> chair kim: given the great number of applicants that we have, which is unusual, that is because it is a completely new task force that is being created and that legislation was authored by superv
Sep 11, 2012 6:30pm PDT
areas. >> president chiu: supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: thank you, mr. burns. thank you for the memo that was brought before us. in the memo you said that you were confident in the data that cdph has provided and measures that they take to assess human health risk and due diligence on the oversight of the radiological program. could you explain why you feel confident in the processes and the measures that cdph takes and go into a little more detail about what they do. you mentioned surface wipes. to a layperson that doesn't sound very scientific and is not very reassuring. maybe you could talk more about that. >> i would say just looking at everything cdph has done today i think their reactions or responses have been timely and appropriate under the circumstances because you have an ongoing cleanup action as you know, but you also have residents and workers in close proximity. so they've been very proactive and diligent in the actions they've taken, which included so-called direct surveys, where you're making direct measurements of exposure rates in these residential are
Sep 6, 2012 2:30pm PDT
board, he's someone i would support for this commission. i appreciate, chair kim, your opinion on this. i don't think we need to do a procedural motion over motion but that is something i would support and would recommend here. >> chair kim: thank you. we do have a motion to move forward on bruce wolfe with recommendation to the full board. i know that we actually previously had recommended bruce wolfe to the full board and i was one of the members who supported bruce. there was concern i had with the sunshine task force around the city charter and some violations that were made but bruce was one individual that i thought was very committed to making reforms that were necessary to follow the city charter and i also believe has a strong commitment to sunshine and i will continue to support bruce wolfe as our appointee to the sunshine task force. i do want to thank both ms. simon and ms. forsley for your interest to serve. i think that there are a number of different committees and task force that your background would ideally suit and it seems there's more of a general interest to serve
Sep 8, 2012 7:30am PDT
wholeheartedly support bruce being appointed to this position. thanks. >> chair kim: thank you, mr. brooks. >> good afternoon, chair. i'm patrick -- shaw, here as a private citizen today to support bruce wolfe, who's clearly the most qualified of the two candidates, given that the third candidate, ms. forsley, is a city employee, should not even be considered by this committee for this appointment. to support a false claim that the sunshine task force had engaged in official misconduct and had undermined transparency in government mr. wiener failed to provide evidence and presented misinformation at least four times during the board's full meeting on may 22nd. wiener wrongly claimed the task force had exempted itself from the san francisco charter, wrongly claimed the task force had said how dare you, sunshinelight us end quote when the task force never claimed such thing. wiener claimed he asked for a, quote, audit, in compliance with this ordinance when in fact he had asked for a survey. wiener also inflated the average number of times city employees had to attend hearings to resolve sun
Sep 8, 2012 9:00am PDT
. >> thank you. >> chair kim: mr. mecca. >> hi. my name is tommi mecca. i'm 61 years old, i've been out and a ear activist for 42 years. i think what i bring to this task force possibly would be my 42 years of activism, my extreme passion in my activism, and my extensive knowledge of housing issues. everything from rent control and the rights of tenants under rent control to the nitty-gritty of how to do affordable housing. and i think we all realize, even though we don't have hard cold stats we know that housing is a major -- affordable housing is a major need for seniors in san francisco, including lgbt seniors. my experience in housing issues is extensive. i won't go into all the details obviously. but i started getting involved in housing issues back in the mid-90's when the dotcom boom hit and people were being evicted. i was part of a defense team that helped defend these folks from their evictions. i helped set up three shelters, a food program and shower project for homeless queer youth who were victims of the dotcome boom. i worked among low income tenants in san francisco incl
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Sep 1, 2012 11:00am PDT
rabinowitz, kim strassel. dan one of the main goals of the convention to improve the image of mitt romney with independent voters, undecided voters. did they accomplish that? >> they most personal accomplished that, they have proven, i think, with all of the testimonials from people that mitt romney is a good person, a great guy, and even a caring businessman. now, this is a political event. so, why did they spend so much time doing that? they did that because the obama campaign and democratic surrogates had spent the previous four months. >> paul: and 100 million dollars. >> 100 million dollars worth of tv commercials saying precisely the opposite. the romney campaign has brought themselves back to even in the image wars with president obama. with only skimmed in his speech were the policy wars ei want to get to that, but let's talk about that speech. >> as a result the campaign is going to pitch forward and going to be decided in the debates and the hundreds of millions of tv ads. >> paul: what about the speech itself, dorothy, did it-- it obviously was 50% auto biographical by the cand
Sep 2, 2012 6:37pm PDT
the same language in section 96961, correct? supervisor kim: yes, that is my motion. just to speak to this motion, this is an issue i have been really thinking about and struggling with over the last couple of weeks as we begin opening of discussions around tax exclusions that were already controversial previously, and after some discussions with some of our companies that do currently benefit from these tax exclusions -- i just have to say i have always been very clear that if we ever reform how we do business tax, that these tax exclusions might not continue, but in conversations i have had, because some of these companies also are trying to continue community benefits or begin them and work on relationships with neighborhoods and communities that they are in, i thought that it was important to be able to continue that, regardless of which measure moves forward. i think these companies have also offered kind of in their good faith both support for these efforts in november and also their ability to partner with generally like to initiate. supervisor avalos: 90. these amendments -
Sep 15, 2012 11:30pm PDT
. however, regarding how it coalesces with federal law, i'm not sure. yeah. >> chair kim: thank you, ms. forsley. i know you've been here to present before the rules committee in the past. any questions for ms. forsley? seeing none, thank you very much. so are there any comments or questions, additional comments or questions from colleagues? seeing none, at this time, we'll open it up for public comment. if you would like to speak on item no. 3, please do step up. i don't have any speaker cards for this item, so just -- you can line up on this side of the room. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm richard nee. i've been on the task force for 10 years, and the interest that ms. simon and ms. wilson have shown is certainly admirable. however i think in addition to the disability factor, i think there is one other thing that gives an edge to mr. wolfe, and that is, as you know, at this time, the committee on information technology and the department of technology are attempting to consolidate and upgrade the city's electronic record system with respect to storage backup and retrievable. and
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